Select your revenue stream LiveDefinition presents an innovative and easy way to publish and monetize your video content. fb_logo
Create a facebook app, easily – within minutes, and start renting your content. LiveDefinition offers social solutions for video rental.
LiveDefinition is an authorized PayPal X payment clearing house. All you need is a PayPal account.

The ultimate screen selection Publish your content on PC's, mobile devices, connected TV's & set-top boxes. It's a few clicks away. Flash enabled
Your new video site will identify the platform it is used by, and stream the content in a flash player with an automatic adaptive bit-rate. Supported by a wide range of PC’s and mobile platforms, flash is the ultimate way to deliver your content securely with no installation.
iOS friendly
The huge success of iPhones, iPads and iPods extends the borders of video content delivery, with the best user experience one can get. LiveDefinition automatically supports iOS streaming, with an ultimate viewing experience.

With LiveDefinition – you are ready for the future of home entertainment Get your content to the living room! LiveDefinition enables you to create video channels to Samsung’s Smart TV, LG Smart TV, Google TV, Boxee, Roku and selected set-top boxes.
LiveDefinition sites are fully compatible with google tv powered tv’s and set-top boxes

Manage your assets, and revenue worldwide. All with a huge scale. Thanks to AWS (Amazon Web Service), LiveDefinition creates the best on most solid video monetization service. The scalable solutions allows us to reduce delivery costs and incredibly scale for a large amount of content delivery and storage.

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